Bleughhh school tomorrow. No likey. :/

I never got why people hated Mondays so much, I personally had nothing against it (not that I loved going back to school or anything). I remember the heart dropping feeling on the 7th of September or the 18th of August when my alarm went off at 6:30am. I hated that, but never had anything against Mondays. Now however I dread the day, hate Sunday coz Monday comes next (oh yeah, Rebecca helped me learn the days of the week lol). Tomorrow I got a bunch of hwk to hand in and I haven’t completed any! OH! I just remembered i have a science test tomorrow. NOOOOO I friggin HATE school for this!!! But I don’t think anything can be worse than having your birthday on the day that school started…

This dude so dang awesome!!! he really is AMAZING! (okay, he’s not as amazing as me coz no one ever will be..but still!)

Ps. I dont think I’m that amazing really 😛


Sooo cute!

I was looking at this blog earlier today and found this one that is sooo cute!!! Linda and Maja are two cheerleaders in Dynamite Diamonds team who started their blog in May2012. They’re absolutely great and adorable so just check their blog out! cheertwins

Please note: their blog is in Swedish :/

Shoe of the week

I dunno what just happened, but I posted a shoe of the week like a couple of minutes ago and it just VANISHED! I hit the “publish” button and after that it has not been seen =( upsetting. So, here I am posting it again 😀

New Look– neon pink wedge ballerina shoes £15.99

So…here ya go! I’m thinking about getting it for school (only black shoes allowed) or maybe not…? Not sure :/ oh well I’ll add another post if I do decide to buy it!

//Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world- Marilyn Monroe



I honestly thought that I did really bad in English exam and thought that I’d totally failed history exams. Turns out, I did pretty well in both history and maths!!! (haven’t received the results for English exam yet) I’m so pleased with myself!!! Oh jeez, I sound like a totally self-absorbed brat -.- I’m just really happy that I didn’t fail and actually got good grades 🙂 . I can only hope that I’ll get equally good results for the English exam.

// if you can’t get to the top, at least die trying

It’s been a good day

It’s sunny! Ohmigod for a change it has been sunny all day!!! AND even if htere are some clouds, they’re WHITE!!! Super happy and giddy hehehehe.

Well…I was until I read this note about me on someone’s (who? well that is a good Q) status. Made me sad =( I don’t get why people expect so much from me. I’m no goddess nor am I an angel, and I’m far from perfection so…just don’t expect so much. I do all I can, I promise I do but…people make mistakes and I’m sorry about mine not that I expect it to be alright just because I apologize.

I know you’re reading this now, so…yeah just wanted to say that sometimes I need a break.

//no matter how hard you try, perfection can/should never be achieved

Here’s a picture from when I went to Bangladesh, it feels like it fits the post so…there ya go! (I miss the damn place!!!)

Please note: all pictures from Bangladesh are taken by my sis! So I’m not taking any credit!

Je suis de bonne humeur

No, my French isn’t that good but I have been having a good week (so far, well…it’s only just started but still!) and had a french test today. I guess it went well because I only had 1 mistake! Which is awesome but also frustrating (yeah, I get more frustrated about 1 mistake than like…5 mistakes). Annyyways since I’m in a good mood I’ll put up something pretty!

Mango– £22.99

This skirt isn’t something I’d usually like, but I think it would look awesome with a bold top (white, blue etc) and a cute belt.

Mango– scoop neck top £14.99

Also, here are some belts that may work with the outfit (I couldn’t decide which on would be the best so…yeah I put them all up 🙂 )


damn! I’ve got no idea where I found them!!! Noooo oh well, I’m sure you can find similar belts on forver21 or maybe even H&M.